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Submitted by Andi Brunner

King of the Alps is one of the biggest kayak events in Europe and 2021 it was the european championship of extreme kayaking. The event took place on June 5th in South Tyrol, Italy. Luckily, most of the european countries eased up their travel restrictions a week before the race so a lot of people were able to come. The qualification is a mass start on a class III section, which is pretty interesting as there are over 100 men starting. If you manage to get in the top 32, you advance to the semi finals which is on a pretty rowdy class IV to V section. In semi finals, it is a head to head system, so place 1 races against 32, place 2 against 31 and so on. The advancing 16 racers plus one lucky looser get to the finals and have one last run to show how fast they can be.


1. Matthias Weger
2. Andi Brunner
3. Michele Ramazza

1. Nouria Newman
2. Marlene Devillez
3. Maike Möst

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