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Freestyle Nationals 2020

Despite the cancelation of the majority of kayaking events this season due to the pandemic, U.S. Freestyle Kayaking Nationals were held, but under a new and different format. It was great that everyone could participate, regardless of whether or not they had access to whitewater, as long as they had access to any water! So, while all the athletes and judges were not physically together in the same place, the event was able to go on.

Thanks to some brainstorming by the freestyle committee, this year’s Nationals took the form of a flatwater freestyle competition, and a big trick contest. Competitors sent in video of their best rides and/or tricks to be judged. Happily, there was plenty of participation among all categories! This was a wonderful substitute for those missing the fun of in-person competition, allowing both athletes and judges to connect to their kayaking community during these unprecedented, strange times!

Also new this year was the fundraising component to the Nationals: A voluntary donation of $10 was requested, and the money raised went to Team River Runner and the Pocket Wave construction in Buena Vista, Colorado. Fun for all participants and for good causes! What could be better than that?

Freestyle Nationals