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The 11th annual Charles City Challenge held in June this year hosted 60 participants over two days of whitewater events. Vendors and spectators joined in along the river banks as well for the fun filled weekend. The water was low this year and in-river events were adjusted accordingly.

 2 Surf Clinic_Fry Float

The weekend kicked of Friday, June 23rd with river surfing clinics, a reading water clinic, river clean up and Fry Float.

3 Group_Rain Delay

Saturday morning on June 24th started off with plentiful sunshine during registration sign up. Then a thunderstorm blew in bringing rain, strong winds, and lightning. After a 90 minute weather delay the first in-river event kicked off; the Edge of the World Comp. This old school inspired event had paddlers performing classic freestyle enders along an eddyline in full and half slice kayaks.

Edge of the World
Edge of the World Comp

Next up was the Surf Comp. Prone and SUP surfers tried their hand at impressing the judges on the low water wave while the crowd cheered them on.

Hooligan Race

At midday the Hooligan Race took to the river in an assortment of crafts.

At this point in the day, the National Weather Service called with news that another round of thunderstorms was on the way with the possibility of heavy rain, straight line winds and hail.

The event organizers made the executive decision to expedite the afternoon events by running all categories of the Boater X together followed by all categories of the SUP X.

Balls to the Wall Race

The final event, Balls to the Wall race wrapped up the afternoon events.

Concluding the events, earned hardware was awarded to participants and the coveted grand prize drawing was held. Top prizes were awarded based on who’s name was drawn first.

Orion Cooler

Top prize winners were:
Willow Neubauer: Orion Cooler
Evie Perreault: Badfish Wavo
Hannah RayJ: Werner Paddles Gift Certificate

Post prize drawing, event volunteers quickly disassembled the event area. With the event stage cleaned up and battened down the next round of thunderstorms rolled in with heavy rain and lightning concluding the Charles City Challenge.

A huge thank you to all of the participants, volunteers, sponsors and everyone who make this event successful year after year!

See you there next year!

Hannah RayJ