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With winter finally showing up in Colorado, the Lyons Kids club pool sessions are again proving to be a big hit. While it is billed as the “Kids Club” we try to target the whole family, and get as many adults at the pool as kids. Our goal is to get the parents paddling with their kids, so that kayaking becomes a whole family activity. Having watched so many of the local kids come up in this program, including my own, I know firsthand what a great family pastime it can be. And the pool in the winter is the perfect place to introduce both kids and parents to the sport, in a safe, fun environment. With the continued support from Jackson Kayak, and the Town of Lyons, this program just keeps growing every year.


Katie Fankhouser teaching another Lyons teenager to roll.

This year we are really starting to see the cycle come around, with several of the kids who started in the program giving back.  With JK Junior team member Katie Fankhouser helping out with the kids, and Scott Shipley leading the little kids, including his son Jack, the next generation is getting a strong start. This kind of legacy and “giving back” is what will build the next generation of boaters, and help keep our sport afloat for the future. 


Former Olympian and slalom world champion Scott Shipley is now the Pied Piper of Lyons kayaking. 


This kind of help leaves me free to have fun, and be the ring master for this Jackson fueled circus.