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This past weekend we held the 2nd annual Corner Wave Classic on the Ottawa River. It was an awesome evening with great river levels, sunsets, a little rain, hot coffee, a warm fire and a whole bunch of friends.

We used more of a grassroots scouring system with 1 large heat for both men and women, consisting of 6 rides and your best single ride counting. It was a great system that was a little more stress-free and encouraged people to try some high scoring and harder tricks.

As the event finished up into the late evening, we all headed to the local Brew Pub for dinner, drinks and our awards. It ended up being an epic evening, and one of my favorite sessions of the summer with such a rad crew of competitor, volunteers, and spectators.

Thanks to everyone for making it happen and making it so rad.

Here are the final Results.

1st- Dane 
2nd- Nick
 3rd- Clay
 4th- Seth
 5th- David
 6th- Brandan
 7th- Bren 
8th- Kaylen 
9th- Phil

1st- Emily 
2nd- Anna 
3rd- Claire
 4th- Maddy 
5th- Kathryn