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What a great year 2016 was. Looking back on all the great memories of 2016 makes me smile.

Instead of talking about all the great memories I posted some of the videos from local rivers like Mulberry Fork and Locust Fork playing with go pro.

Coosa Pirouette- Love going to the Coosa. One of the best pirouette spots in the world.

Blackburn Creek Race- I have been working with local landowners and lawyers to put together Alabama First Creek Race. With the help of mother nature and the filling up of the lakes we have a chance in 2018 to make this happen.

Shoshone- One of the few days in 2016 my camera worked in Colorado. High water Shoshone with the Kelloggs.

Go Pro Finals with Three Hydrenaline Kayaking Students- Bennett Smith, Hunter Katich and Max Karlsson

Oh Be Joyful- Video of us on Oh Be Joyful in Colorado by Nathan Madlock.

Sup Squatch Trip- Fun with guides on the 1st Supsquatch descent down Ocoee River.

First Locust Fork Trip Rory Jolee
Part 1

Part 2

First Ocoee River Trip- Middle Ocoee- Age 4

Upper Ocoee- Her First Upper Ocoee Trip

Top 4 Ender Spots On Middle Ocoee- Video I put together of some good ender spots on Ocoee River.

Top ten tricks- Some of my top tricks on Ocoee River

Junior Olympics- Video I made from Junior Olympics

Sticky Running Rock- In honor of my friend running rocks on Ocoee River, here is a video of my friend sticky doing the running rock on Insignificant on the Gauley River. Not only did he crush but he later found out he had cancer. You are an inspiration for me buddy.

Wake kayaking- Video of wake kayaking with Hunter Katich and Bennett Smith.
Watch the Facebook video Here! 

2017 is not as good as 2016 but 2018 is right around the corner. Go get on the water.

Jeremy Adkins