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The little white race 2021 was scheduled on april 17th and it was very unclear, if it would happen because the water level was unusually low. Eventhough it was only at 2“5 (which is pretty low) a couple of days before the race, there was still enough people motivated to race. So Evan and Capo made it happen. Saturday, april 17th was a warm and sunny day and everybody showed up at the put in in a good mood. There were 25 participants. While the racers got changed, the safety crew already paddled down to their spots. Big thanks to all the safety kayakers!!! The race started at 10 a.m. with 2 minute intervalls. The low water made the already long race even longer and it was a super technical and physically demanding section. Everybody waited in the big pool at the finish until all the racers completed their run. They all had a great time paddling down the rest of the run together. Thank you very much Evan and Capo for organizing the race, it was amazing!

Video of the top 4:

Dane Jackson 00:15:58
Andi Brunner 00:16:20
Isaac Levinson 00:16:25
Isaac Hull 00:16:37
Rush Sturges 00:16:42
Tad Dennis 00:16:46
Geoff Calhoun 00:16:49
Hayden Voorhees 00:16:58
Galen Volckhausen 00:17:02
Tyler Bradt 00:17:06
Gregory Lee 00:17:22
Izaak Castren 00:17:29
Leif Anderson 00:17:43
Bryar Skinner 00:17:45
Axel Hovorka 00:17:55
Joe Vincent 00:18:11
Max Blackburn 00:18:20
Brent Stoppe 00:18:25
Zach McFarland 00:18:40
Adam Edwards 00:18:54
Thomas Franco 00:19:53

Natalie Anderson 00:18:00
Darby McAdams 00:18:01
Anna Wagner 00:19:13
Melissa Vaughn 00:19:53