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The macho move is truly one of, if not the most, macho move on the river to this day. Combining two amazing tricks in themselves, the double pump and the loop over a set of waves, this trick looks awesome and feels totally rad!
First things you will need to be able to do!
• Double Pump
• Wave Wheel
• Front Loop
Step One: Finding the perfect spot!
To make this trick work, you will need a set of waves, two to three waves in length. The larger the set, the larger your trick will be. Make sure the surrounding features of the river are safe as well, if your chosen location is to shallow you could hit the river bed and hurt your gear or even worse yourself.

Step Two: Double pump into bow stall!
Over the first wave you will want to rise the bow of your boat high above the peak of the wave, then slam the bow down on the back side. This double pump motion will allow you to obtain a bow stall in between the waves.
Step Three: Throwing the loop!
This step brings the whole trick together! From the bow stall in-between the waves, you will now want to square up with the wave in front of you! This will allow you to set-up for your loop over the following wave. As you and your kayak approach the top of the next wave, you will want to get your hands and paddle high above your head and throw the loop! When you are mid loop, soaring through the sky, you will want to open up, at the hips, for the landing of the loop, same way you would in a play feature.