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One of my favorite parts about Jackson Kayaks is that, in tandem with some accessories, I can get the best fit out of any boat I’ve ever been in.

For me, having my boat be super snug is the most important thing for me while kayaking. That way, I get maximum energy transference from every paddle stroke, every twist and turn of my torso and every hip snap. Ideally, your boat should fit like a ski boot: tight and locked in, but not cutting off circulation. If you’ve ever done any other sports like rock climbing, think about the difference between rental shoes and your own pair of broken-in shoes. It makes a huge difference!

I think that the way Jackson outfitting is set up makes it really easy to get that fit every time. Personally, I use all the airbags; Happy Feet, Sweet Cheeks, Thruster, and Happy Seat. I never find that I have to glue anything inside to get that feeling of being one with my boat.

Ultimately, the goal is to have your kayak be an extension of your body. Any wiggle room you have in your hips or your legs is energy that’s being wasted and going out the window and is affecting your ability to control your kayak effectively.

Give yourself time to adjust your boat each time you get on the water so that you have that custom fit, regardless of changes in layers you might be wearing, or different footwear. You should have solid contact points in your butt, hips, lower back, thighs/knees, and feet. If any of those pieces don’t fit, it’s probably affecting your paddling!

I hope that this was a good reminder to put some time into your boat and make it not just a kayak but a kayak that fits specifically to you!