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The Jura is a small region in France named after the Jura mountains and quite arguably home of some of the best rivers in France.
All of these rivers are purely rain fed, so when the sky pours down, the rivers call. We listened and it didn’t disappoint!

One of these amazing rivers is called the Lemme, a short section of 3-4km filled with a range of waterfalls. Some are small and technical and some are a bit bigger giving you a bit more airtime. If you talk to the French paddlers you meet along the way, most of them claim the Lemme to be in the top 5 of the best whitewater sections in France. I must admit, the section is very entertaining, but what truly blew my mind were the amazing surroundings. When running the Lemme you feel like you’re paddling through a scene of Narnia, it’s incredible how picturesque and beautiful the nature is. The river cuts through amazing boulder gardens covered with mos and surrounded by bright green tree trunks.

The access to the Lemme is extremely easy, it’s literally a 2min walk from the put-in parking and a 1min walk to the take-out parking. This makes the section perfect for doing laps all day!
If you ever find yourself in the neighbourhood of Besançon and it’s pouring rain, be sure to go check out the whitewater sections, you won’t be disappointed!

Check out the quick edit from a lap below!