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Whitewater Paddling Quebec | Unclephil’s First Post!

Hi there, I’m Philippe Lavallée and this is my first blog post!

With this blog, I will try and showcase all the amazing whitewater, events and people from the rich paddling community of La Belle Province, Québec.
Since I do not enjoy writing long texts, you will find I love to write
– In
– Bullet
– Form
Hope you enjoy the read! Here goes,

So let me introduce myself in our common language, my paddling. In general, I mostly do playboating in Montreal in the summertime, but I love creeking around Québec.
Paddling “Les rapides de Lachine” is very convenient for me because I live right next to the Fleuve St-Laurent.  Like my friend Frédérik Gendron says, there is always some feature that’s prime at The Lachines! It’s got it all, from a sweet hole to massive waves. Eddy service to the top and the fairy back to shore is a workout tho, it’s great to stay in shape!

If you have not been formally introduced to this section of the Fleuve St-Laurent, you can check-out the Montreal Eau Vive recap video from 2016.

What I wish to accomplish wit this blog:
– Relate the kayaking scene around Montreal.
– Invite international paddler to come discover what “les rapides de Lachine” has to offer!
– Help the community to be aware of all the events that happen around them
– Share my stoke for the sport and get kids into paddling.
– Showcase all the beautifull places we paddle to help people find love for nature and care better for it.

Want to know more about me? Check out my bio. 

Cheers for now