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In October Nick was approached by someone we knew from China about a potential project. Although this guy normally would approach us about doing a competition on 200ft+ waterfalls, Nick was stoked to find out that this time he had a different drop in mind; The Detain waterfall. Though not a very big waterfall, it is one of the prettiest locations that Nick and I had consistently come across in photos, and one of the drops we had always wanted to check out. We always felt that we would never get the chance since it is located on the border of Vietnam and China, therefore we would never get permission. But when Nick was contacted and realized they had acquired permits, he was stoked, and was nice enough to invite me along. We ended up not only getting the chance to run the Detain drop, but also first descent another sequence nearby. Everything from the drops, to eating bugs for dinner, made it another unreal trip!

Check out my edit from the trip-