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In the end Corner Wave really shouldn’t be one of my favorite waves in the world, but it really is. It’s glassy, challenging, and tons of fun. The challenge of figuring out tricks is awesome, because most of the tricks end up going really well once you figure them out. Last summer I finally started sticking blunt mcnastys along with Bren and that got me fired up! The added challenge of a hard to catch eddy, makes it so you not only have to commit to the tricks to stick them, but you had to react fast if you wanted to not miss the eddy. I usually can go the whole summer and only miss the eddy maybe once, which is actually a game a few of us usually play as we get to back to the Ottawa in the summer. Usually consisting of myself and Kalob Grady, whoever misses the eddy first that summer has to buy the other a 24 of beer. Just that extra motivation you need to make sure to make the roll, turn, and book it for the eddy.

This quarantine has allowed me to find some of the content I have that I haven’t gotten around to editing. Like one of our summer sessions we filmed with the drone, peep the edit!