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This spring Marty and I headed up to the Peshtigo River in Wisconsin to try out our new Zen 3’s. I’m in the small and Marty is in the medium. It took us a couple laps down the river to get used to them. We adjusted the seat position and added some height to the seat for our paddling style. It helped a lot watching Clay Wright’s recent videos about how to outfit your kayak and the features/design of the Zen 3.

By the 3rd day and 4th lap down the river, we were much more comfortable in the boat. Both of us moved the seat all the way forward and we also added additional foam to the seat to get higher up in the boat. It does feel confidence inspiring. Especially when I mis-judged the current and hit a hole a little more sideways than I intended to. The Zen carried me right through the hole! Yay!

Both of us are still getting used to the feel of the boat, we have paddled them 4 times on the river so far. Can’t wait to take the Zen 3 out on the river again soon!

-Hannah Ray J

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