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Rock Island’s Great Falls provide the perfect playground for vertical free falling in your kayak. The waterfall spans the entire width of the river and offers a wide variety of lines varying in difficulty. From tight and technical moves to wide open boofs, these falls have it all for creek boaters stoked on free falling! Some of the more open lines, such as the renowned “Spout,” are great places to step up your waterfall game. But use caution out there; some of the many lines have shallow landing zones, retentive holes at higher water, and other hazards. Many spots such as the Spout and Mill Side also offer opportunities for downriver freestyle from freewheels, waterfall mcnasties, to the new cobra flip.

To make things even more perfect, there is an easy crack to climb up and raise boats, allowing for laps on laps. This easy access back to the top, located just downstream of the Spout, allows boaters to practice their new moves over and over again. A motivated boater can easily knock out 10+ laps on the falls in one session. But the action doesn’t stop after the falls, Sieve City is just downstream. This rapid drastically changes character from a class IV move at low flows to a pushy class V move at high water. Sieve City can be easily portaged or scouted from river left. If you choose the right water levels, have the skillset for a 20 foot free fall, and follow an experienced friend, you’re sure to have a blast at Great Falls. Enjoy!

Paddler: Eliot Berz
Boat: Jackson Nirvana Medium