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“What is everyone watching these days on Netflix? Any great series that I can’t miss? I’m going crazy and need something to watch. Thanks in Advance.”

This has to honestly be one of the top 5 questions posed on Social Media. I mean, how many Netflix series have you yourself watched just to pass the time or beat the heat? I think most of us are in the same boat (no pun intended), just trying to keep our kids and ourselves from veering off the proverbial cliff.

Pools, amusement parks, playgrounds, beaches and virtually all forms of entertainment and relief have been closed down. Everyone is on their screens more which increases both anxiety and depression and it’s just as unhealthy as all the experts claim it to be.

The virus’ ever-tightening grip on all of humanity is truly wreaking havoc on families, on mental health, and on physical health. So, I thought I’d share this video with y’all as a two-fold way to outrival the forces that be. Summer is a time for carefree, easy-going, fun. And, as most pools across the country are padlocked and sealed, the river is beckoning.

No skill level required, just a pfd, a helmet and an eager, open spirit of fun. See Ya On The River!

Susie Kellogg