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Post by Stas Vasilev

“Modern problems require modern solutions”

This year dictates its own rules and we have to adapt to them. Usually, every early spring we started with roadtrip to Europe, where we returned throughout the season, visiting various spots and events. In the spring we roamed in Germany, in the summer we visited Finland and always tried to find a new place to kayaking during the season, for example, in Austria or France. It’s how looks our usual kayak season for Moscow playboaters. But since all these plans were canceled at the end of winter, it was decided to start exploring our region.

Without thinking twice, our choice fell on the nearest suburbs, where our good friend has a summer house next to a beautiful and clean river. Having passed this river up and down, we found a potential place to build a playhole. The place where the road bridge used to be, which was destroyed. From the old building, we got strong banks and a successful narrowing with water roll – an ideal place to build a playspot. And just 15 minutes from our house! And that was already a great sign.
The first step was to check the bottom and clean the river and banks. If we still have strength, then level the eddyline. This is what we did on the first weekend, gathering an excellent group of like-minded people. Which helped us speed up the process and make it more productive.

You can see how it was in the video:

In further posts I will show what we managed to do, what difficulties we faced and what else to do on the way to building the dream playspot!