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Submitted by Adam Swett

One of my favorite places to go in Virginia to hang out and boat is up on the Maury River in Goshen Pass just upriver of Rockbridge Baths. The drive over from central Virginia is beautiful and once there is so scenic and high quality paddling that I wish I lived closer to it.

This winter we have been over there a few times boating and hiking. The gorge in there reminds a little bit of the Clackamas River gorge with the greenish water and road winding through.

I always take my Antix or Antix 2.0 over there as the splats, spins and boofs abound in every rapid not to mention the surfing. There’s multiple splat spots where it’s possible to paddle back around or atain back up and splat over and over and over. So much fun up there.

I’d guess this stretch of river is class II to IV and my favorite level is somewhere in-between 800 and 1800 cfs and for the most part this popular run usually has paddlers around to go with when it is running. Enjoy this gem as it is worth the drive!