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Between travel restrictions, as well as just trying to be smart about how much travel I actually end up doing, I wasn’t sure what last winter was going to look like. After thinking about it, it seemed like the best option was to head back to the Zambezi. The Zambezi is just so hard to resist, and is one of the best runs in the world at so many different levels, especially in half slice boats, doesn’t get much better. We also decided that the Zambezi would be a great spot to spend a longer chunk of time rather than jumping country to country. So we decided to spend 2 months there, which would also give us the chance to see the river continually rise and get features we have always wanted to see.

One of the main goals was to experience the tubing wave on rapid #11, which was a lifelong dream for most of us there! We did manage to get to experience it, although it wasn’t at it’s prime levels as it forms better as the river is dropping rather than rising. That being said we did get to see what it was all about, did manage to get barreled a few times, and it was just as glorious as we had always imagined. Not only did we get the tube, but we also got to see tons of other features form, including a wave on #9 which was the stoutest and craziest wave I have probably ever surfed. In the end it was one of the best trips I have had out there, seeing how the river changes as it rose probably about 10 vertical feet was an amazing experience. Check out my edits from the trip on my YouTube below!