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I paddle the Lower Yough a lot, like really a lot. More specifically, I paddle the loop section of the Lower Yough. It’s the first seven rapids and it makes a horseshoe bend pretty much right back into town. The hike out is short, but kind of brutal unless you do it a lot. The loop isn’t the stoutest whitewater out there, but it is super unique in that you don’t need to set shuttle for it and it runs every single day of the year. It’s also a fairly short section so I can usually get multiple laps in. Better yet, I live about 15 minutes from the put-in, so needless to say, I spend a lot of time here. Since I don’t need to set shuttle (and I’m terrible at planning), I tend to paddle alone most of the time but usually meet up with people on the water. This time, as I was walking to the put-in I saw my buddy, Jesse. I always have fun paddling but even more so when I’m paddling with someone else to share the stoke with. The unfortunate thing is that sometimes when I edit my videos, it can be challenging to capture just how much fun I had. This video, however, really managed to capture just how much fun was had on this lap. I hope you enjoy it!!!