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Submitted by Mike Shaw

Being on lockdown since January has meant we havn’t been able to travel to paddle. But with the UK starting to release restrictions we got out on the water over the Easter break where I ran a weeks coaching during the school holidays for kids and their parents.

We hit up three different locations in the week. Hurley, Chertsey and Nottingham. We worked on river running moves at Hurley, threw in some rock spins for good measure. Cartwheels and Flat Water Freestyle at Chertsey before heading to Nottingham for plenty of hole boating in inlet gate and the new worlds feature.

It was great to be back outdoors again and coaching. THe kids had a great time, working on cartwheels, tricky woos and loops on the flat, cartwheels and big air loops in the holes. Whilst the adults and parents had a great time practising fundamental skills like edging and crossing the flow.

Can’t wait for the next weeks coaching in May half term!