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Up until last week, I had only taken my Antix to the local play park. Learning how to stern squirt, figuring out how the boat works and getting in touch with my inner old-school-boater. I never before thought that an eddy line could possibly be so much fun. The Antix makes everything fun!

Last week I took my Antix for a little downriver run on a favorite, familiar to me river, the Peshtigo. It has been quite a while since I’ve taken a half slice boat down a whitewater run. I was fully expecting to spend most of my time upside down and getting backendered in every rapid.
Contrary to my initial thoughts, the Antix zipped over holes, zoomed into micro eddys, and stayed on any line I set my mind to.

I’ve come to lovingly refer to Wisconsin as the land of moist rocks. The Peshtigo is no exception. There are few spots deep enough for full stern squirts. The Antix is the perfect length for squeezing in stern squirts in any place that looks remotely deep enough to try.

I can’t wait to make another river run again soon. I’ll be taking the Antix and fully expect to have a grin plastered on my face all day!

-Hannah Ray J