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We’ve been out of the water for 8 months! 8 months! This is due to an exceptionally long winter (with very little snowfall) coupled with late fall travel. So, let me tell you … it felt great to get back in our kayaks and tear up our local wave/hole. There is just nothing like kayaking to make you forget the insane world you live in! Fresh air, sun, water, and kids? Please, it’s the greatest feeling on earth.

But, after 8 months of no kayaking, like none, not even pool time, we discovered we were pretty darn RUSTY! It was great to get some time in a play spot that we know pretty well, at low levels at least, before sending the big stuff. Our bodies were sore and there was some apprehension. I, for one, made Dally and Cardy watch the first few times I dropped into the meaty hole in the middle. “Come get me if I get stuck,” I laughed.

Coby, who was crushing it last summer was legit not having it at first. It took a few minutes and a lot of coaxing to convince him to try a roll. But, once he realized he could still roll, he was unstoppable. It’s insane how much that skill changes things, both mentally and physically. He had one swim, over the course of three days, when he lost his paddle, and countless combat rolls. Swimming though is celebrated in our family because it means you are pushing yourself. We are all about testing our limits and trying to go that extra inch!

Emmy struggled as well to find her confidence. She isn’t the biggest fan of playboating, she’s much more into running rivers. Just ask her, she likes the challenge of navigating rapids, reading the water and the amazing feeling of accomplishment that comes after. Her favorites are Numbers, on the Arkansas outside of Buena Vista, CO and the Ocoee, in TN. She is super stoked to be heading to the Arkansas Valley in a few weeks for some solid kayaking and dirt biking fun!

Elly, though, was like bring it! She loves it all, she can’t get enough. This girl is an adrenaline/fun junkie. It was like she never was out of her boat. She hopped right in, ferried to the middle of the river, did a practice roll in the big eddy and started surfing. Her huge smile a manifestation of her joy!

It’s so good to be back, traveling and adventuring. And, if you see us on the river, come say “Hey!” and offer me a shower at your place! 😊