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Shoshone is a very short, ¾ mile, solid Class III run on the Colorado River. Most people do a few quick laps, as it’s an easy run, skate back to the top along a nice bike trail and hit it again. Shoshone is ideal for beginning kayakers looking to push themselves, with few consequences. Swims are common everywhere on this run and I can tell you the only sketchy spot is Marty’s Diner, which invariably serves up big swims with yard sales … paddle, boat and swimmer go in all different directions.

Elly and Coby ran it for the first time, July 2020 and they laughed, screamed and hollered the whole way down. I can honestly say I’ve never seen such excitement and fun on a first descent in my life. They had so much fun!! Kenny led Coby down and Dan led Elly.
Pinball is the first set of rapids and these are typically really big crashing waves. I swam here early on in my paddling life, at 6000 CFS and the waves are even bigger when you are out of your boat and much more fun if you stay in it!
Marty’s is next and there are two ways to run it. You can either cut way right and hug the shore line as you pass Marty’s on the left or you can skirt left ahead of Marty’s and paddle by Marty’s on your right. Personally, I prefer the first option when paddling with kids. There is less chance of going off line, but you have to be sure to guide them as far right as possible or it will reach out and suck you in.
The next rapid after Marty’s is The Wall. The typical line is river left following the wave trains, moving right toward center to avoid a pour over rock at the bottom. Harder lines exist on river right.

Next you will hit All Day Play Wave, which is a wave that is in play year round, the lower the water, the better it is. Stopping to play is advised! Next, is Tombstone, choose your line, depending on water levels.
The last rapid is called ManEater and it’s the most fun on the whole stretch. As the water levels rise, the waves become Huge Waves. Easy line is right of center, hard line is left of center. Coby and Elly both ran left of center, but only because the water level was at 2500 CFS!
Shoshone is guaranteed water flows year round, and it’s run year round in kayaks, rafts, SUP’s, Creature Crafts and river boards. It’s a local rite of passage, as this is the stretch where you get your feet wet and test your readiness for more difficult Class IV runs.