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It’s playboat season again in New Hampshire!

Mill City Park is New England’s first-ever whitewater park and we are now seeing the plan become reality. The first feature to be constructed was just opened to the public early this November, and with high flows on the Winnipesaukee River, the boating has been phenomenal! Mill City Park as a whole will be a place where whitewater boaters and other outdoor enthusiasts can come together and enjoy what Franklin, New Hampshire has to offer. When finished, the park will include three new whitewater features, a climbing wall, a pump track, gathering spaces, a community garden, and even a parkour area! This beautiful area for outdoor recreation has the potential to reimagine and revitalize the old mill town of Franklin.

Overhead map of park

The feature finished this November is known as the competition whole. Right in the heart of Franklin, this feature is created by a concrete slab that slopes down into the pool created by the dam below. At the higher flows that we have been seeing it creates a wonderful foam pile for all kinds of wave and hole tricks.
When I arrived home following Green Race I heard that this feature may be open and ready to boat. I proceeded to spend every day for the next week playing in Franklin and was able to see how the waves changed with different flows and pool levels. The river has been running around 1400 CFS for a couple of days now and this flow is PRIME!

I got my first real chunk of time with my butt in the new Rockstar V. I have been paddling my 4.0 for most of the week but got to spend a whole day paddling the V. It was great being able to compare the two boats on the same feature. The V lives up to the hype! It’s faster, easier to take off, and feels effortless to throw ends around compared to the 4.0. I felt good in this pretty new boat and can’t wait to get my hands on my own!