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submitted by Adam Swett

We have been heading over to the Nantahala River often since we moved to Tennessee and I really look forward to each trip as the freestyle feature at NOC is so much fun!

Typically there are 3 or 4 paddlers that are usually there and that is the perfect number so I don’t have to wait in line but do get a good rest before jumping back in the hole. This feature is great for front flips, back loops, cartwheels and a lot of others. Recently I have been trying to get Phoenix monkeys and orbits. So fun. Such a great spot to shoot pictures and hang out!

Last week a friend from up north came down to Tennessee and with the low water around we spent some time at NOC so he could demo a medium Rockstar V and he really liked it! I wanted to try it too but I need to be in a large and he only had it to demo loan for an hour from the NOC store.

Rockstar V at NOC

Ben is 160 lbs size 12 feet and easily jumped right in with his river sneakers still on. Wow. He said he found the hull nice and loose in the hole while being very stable and fast. Outfitting he said was very comfortable and he thought the Bees Knees was great to keep his knees in the pockets while throwing the boat around. He liked the knee placement in the new boat as well because the new boat has the knees higher making it more comfortable and better leverage for tossing the boat around.

Rockstar V at NOC

I am very much looking forward to getting into a large and trying it out everywhere possible as I am still in a 2016 Rockstar and am ready to upgrade and shred!

Rockstar V at NOC