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Decembers have always been a time of reflection. Looking back on what has been but also looking forward to what might be.

I am not a podcast person. It is hard for me to set aside an hour plus or minus to pay attention to anything, let alone some self help or motivational interview reminding me how low I stack up on the totem pole of awesome living.

So it was with hesitancy and low expectation that I decided to check out Nick Troutman’s podcast called THE ART OF AWESOME on Apple Podcasts.

To say I am impressed is an understatement. The variety of topics, the interesting subject matter, and the diversity of people interviewed are what keep me coming back.

Everyone knows Nick as an incredible athlete but his confident presence and depth of knowledge and choice of topics and interviewees is truly impressive It has given me an entire new level of respect for who he is as a person but also for how motivated he is to share what works for him in life with others. He is open and willing to let us see the ups and down that have gotten him to where he is today. His positivity and kindness are refreshing.

The topics and people interviewed are varied and I thought I would just pick and chose topics that seemed interesting, but to be honest, each interview has drawn me in and I have gotten something from them all.

In a way these podcasts are a behind the scenes glimpse of Nick’s life and his thought processes but in reality they are gifts to humanity. The overarching theme is Be Kind so in the spirit of giving, I suggest checking out THE ART OF AWESOME podcast—you won’t be disappointed.

Cheers for a bright New Year and

Happy Paddling,