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submitted by James Ward

Over this year I have lots of plans which are huge in my life. This year is huge for many people with the Nottingham 2022 Freestyle World championships where 100s of people are competing for the honour to be world champion. Competing this year for Team GB is scary for me but I’m looking forward to the training on Twin wave leading up to the end of June. My aim for the competition is to come top 20 in Junior mens k1. I feel like this will help me on my way to possibly becoming World champion in the future.
Also this year I want to improve on a lot of my tricks such as Tricky Woo phonics monkeys and Space Jams as I feel they are some of the coolest tricks out there and they are high scoring which will improve my runs so I am prepared for any competitions coming in the future. I want to do a lot more wave paddling as huge waves are so nice even just to surf around on. At the moment I can do a few wave tricks but I feel that having a steep green wave will mean I can get more height on my airscrews and blunts. This year I want to learn helixes, Panams and improve pistol flips.
I’m looking forward to be getting my Carbon Rockstar 4.0 and hoping it will arrive in time for worlds. The new boat will help me get new tricks which are harder to get in plastic.
Later this year I want to do some big white water and make my Antix fly over waves and off some falls.
This year is going to be hard at school as I’m doing my final exams for secondary school which are a big deal as if I don’t get good grades then I can’t get a good job to afford my future travels around the world paddling.
Thanks a lot for reading and if you want to see some of my videos check out my Instagram @kayakallthetime
Another thanks to all the help from Team jk and the little shredders team