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A Day on the Flooded, Chattahoochee River at RushSouth Whitewater Park

Something magical happens during the winter and early spring months, when the Chattahoochee River, found between Columbus, Georgia and Phenix City, Alabama, reaches increased water flows. A variety of features appear from the majestic river bed, as levels rise and fall.

Two of our favorites is Second Helping and Southern Fried Steakout. (Get it, fried steak, since we are in the south?) “Second Helpings” comes in when the Chattahoochee is flowing at a HUGE 50,000+ cfs. The steep, fast, and dynamic wave helps produce big wave tricks. “Southern Fried Steakout Wave” is the Skookumchuck of the South, being a dream to surf at 45,000 cfs. Together with a green left shoulder to set-up on, a smooth face, and a soft foam pile, it provides the perfect ingredients for massive ariel tricks.

Check out the video below for a quick glimpse of the fun I had on the flooded Chattahoochee.