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submitted by Christina Kossis 

A lot of people may find themselves in a similar position as me, in-between ranges of the recommended sizes for the Antix 2.0. At 5’-7” and approximately 150lbs with my gear, I had trouble deciding between a small and medium. I eventually acquired both sizes but deciding between the two was tough for my first Antix 2.0. Below are some of the reasons for why I started with a medium and why I also have a small.

Reasons my first Antix 2.0 was a medium (the bigger range for me):

1. Versatility – I wanted the most versatile kayak possible, providing both playfulness and downriver paddling ease. Getting the larger size meant that it would be more stable and I would be willing to take it down harder runs with confidence.
2. Similarity – I have a small Zen 3.0 and the medium Antix 2.0 size feels familiar to this creek boat. So, transitioning between the two kayaks is not drastic. I do not have to adjust to paddling my Zen 3.0 for stouter days because the kayak sizes are similar, making my effort and the kayaks reaction to my strokes similar.
3. Comfort – The larger size is more comfortable for longer days and trips. I was able to comfortably take the medium down the Grand Canyon for 17 straight days carrying 30+ pounds of gear. Additionally, I can fit my DSLR camera shooting equipment in the medium with ease.

Reasons why I also have a small Antix 2.0:

1. Playfulness – The small feels more like a playboat to me, it is easier to surf in waves and holes. The medium has these features also, but I wanted something that I could throw around easier on the days that I am feeling extra playful. The smaller size makes it a breeze to initiate stern squirts on eddylines and even in flatwater!
2. Challenge – The small makes rivers feel more challenging. As someone who likes to make the easy whitewater harder, the small gives you the challenge of perfecting moves on easier rivers or at lower flows when you are trying to make the paddling a little more difficult.