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We realized last year that the Antix2 has become our go to boat – the comfort and the river play factor just can’t be beat. The only time we were out of our Antixs’, was when we were in our Zen’s for high water.

Large Antix2 is not just for large paddlers

This spring during high water, we experimented with going up a size in the Antix2, from medium to large for Tim, and from small to medium for Lee, to see if you could use the extra volume for river running and general creek running (vs steep creeking) rather than shifting to a creek boat.

Large Antix overhead

It was fantastic! Non stop surfing, boofing and agility while having larger volume so your stern didn’t get grabbed in higher water. The half an inch in length and extra 10 gallons really change the dynamics moving from medium to large.Large Antix2 is not just for large paddlers


It’s fun to challenge your assumptions and mix things up. If you have the opportunity, experiment with paddling a larger size and see what this opens up for you!

large antix from stern

The Vincent Family