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Back in France for the summer, doing some raft guiding in St Pierre de Boeuf.
There was one night where I was trying to think about some projects I could do, and I had this crazy idea. To take a raft down the first wave of St Pierre de Boeuf, and do what we call a « crèpe » in French (yes yes the one you eat). Which means to flip the raft as we go down the wave. At the same moment, I would be in the front of the raft and get catapulted to throw a backloop in my kayak.

So one night after work, we took a raft to try and make this happen. I though it would be hard not to fall off if we had nothing to hold onto. I stuck two paddles under the twartz, and that felt pretty good but the kayak could still fall in the raft. Which was kinda scary because if I am still in the raft as we flip it, I would have fallen on the people lifting. So to avoid that, we put a thruster that we quickly switched to a hydro speed to hold the bow up. We tried it on ground and felt good so we just had to try it now.

First couple of tries, the raft wasn’t going as high as we were hoping for. So we tried with a smaller raft, on our 8th try, the raft went as high as it possibly could, I threw it at the right time but unfortunately, I did not manage to get it around… I guess I’ll have to try again an other time with a bigger raft and more weight !!