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2022 was a big kayaking year for me. I had tons of “firsts” like kayaking in Columbus, GA and participating in the JK fun tour, but making the USA freestyle team and competing in the world championships was the highlight of my year. I set the goal of making the team back in 2019 and I had been training hard on and off the water for a long time as it kept getting pushed off due to Covid. I am stoked to have achieved these goals and to have gained the experience competing at this level in my first international event. I am even more stoked on the people and friendships I have made along the way. A big thanks to my coaches, friends, and sponsors for their support!

Here is a brief recap of my year!

EEW ICF Worlds.

Overall: 2022 was freestyle focused:
• Got to spend ~3 weeks in Columbus, GA surfing waves
• Spend 3 weekends surfing the Dries in WV
• Competed/made my first USA freestyle kayak team
• Trip down to the NOC & surfing eternity hole NC
• Spent 3 weeks in UK paddling on the Trent river competing at World Championships
• Spent weekends up on the Potomac, DC and Holtwood, PA whitewater park working on wave tricks

Good wave, Columbus, GA

• USA Team Trials, 5th spot
• ICF World Championships, Nottingham, England, 23rd
• Z Dam Rodeo 1st place, 2x

EEW good wave.
The Dries, WV

• Jackson Kayak fun tour stop in Richmond, VA working with Appomattox River Company
• Held freestyle rodeos at Z Dam & Pipeline to get community involved: Learned to judge ICF, time, & announce
• Helped lots of junior kayakers w tricks,ride plans, &competing/with 1 making US team
• Wrote 10 Blogs for Jackson Kayak

Team USA, opening ceremonies.

Skills worked and working on:
• Lunar orbits ,space loops, air screws, kickflips, creek boating skills

Clay and I discussing my ride, Worlds, summer 2022.

Upcoming Goals 2023
• Make 2023 USA Freestyle kayak team/Compete at Worlds in Columbus, GA 2023
• Get back to compete again at GoPro Mountain Games, Vail, CO
• Race in boatercross at Dominion Riverrock, Richmond, VA and Race KOTJ
• Get on as many new rivers as I can with first up the UY and Goshen pass
• Continue freestyle rodeo events at Z Dam and Pipeline
• Continue spreading the stoke on freestyle and pass on knowledge to juniors and get more excited