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Finishing up our visit in White Salmon, WA we started making our way towards home. We took a northern route, crossing eastern Washington, the top of Idaho and making our way into Montana. We found another great boon docking spot near Lolo National Forest in western Montana.

Montana Mountains.jpg
Montana boon docking

Our plan for the weekend here was to boat the Clark Fork River through the Alberton Gorge. The gorge is absolutely picturesque. Rocky/purple cliffs rise up from the river’s edge, the water is a lustrous deep green, and ponderosa pine forests completed the scenic view.

We connected with a guide from Zoo Town Surfers to lead us down the river. The rapids were very fun and there were lots of deep eddylines for stern squirts. Triple Bridges was a fun surf spot. The wave was somewhat erratic, changing from flatter/green to steeper with a bit of foam. This shape changing wave kept you on your toes. You had to be in the right position to stay on the wave or carve to the side to keep your bow from purling. Eddy access on river left but it was a tricky wave entry with some guard rocks.

3 Triple Bridges above below
Triple Bridges rapid from above and below.

Tumbleweed rapid certainly got my attention. This rapid has a fairly large hole and a swirly run out. I punched through the hole and stood my Antix up on the stern. My stern squirt instincts kicked in and I rode the stern ender through some of the swirls, set the boat back down and continued on.

Sky viewing at tumbleweed rapid. Putting those stern squirt skills to use.

Our guide showed us all the best spots, including a pretty little tributary stream with a deep and very chilly swimming hole. We had a blast on this gorgeous section of river and the Antix was a great boat for this 11 mile run.

Spring fed tributary swimming hole.

Alberton Gorge Scenery

The Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument.


After our great time in the gorge we continued our journey east across Montana. Closing out our time in Montana we stopped at the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, aka Custer’s Last Stand. The history, the story, and the high plains landscape is certainly something to see.

Little Bighorn
Alberton Gorge Scenery

Thank you Montana for the beauty and thank you to all who made our journey through this area a splendid experience. Next stop: Wyoming.

-Hannah RayJ