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Winter was good to Northern Wisconsin this season. With spring’s arrival, the snow is melting and filling the rivers with great opportunities. On this trip we met up with Brian, from Menasha, WI, to show us the Montreal River Canyon section. The level for our trip was high, about 3200 cfs according to the recorded phone message at the dam. The Canyon is about 3.1 miles long and sits between two large waterfalls:

Saxon Falls – 90 feet over two main drops

Saxon Falls
Saxon Falls

Superior Falls – 110 feet over 3 main drops and rapids

The put in for the Canyon section is down a long staircase just around the corner from Saxon Falls. The run is a wavy ride of class II-III rapids, with a few holes here and there.

MRC Put In
The put in.

MRC surf wave
MRC surf wave

Right from the put in, the walls start to rise up on both sides. Conglomerate and sandstone rock tower 200′ above the river. The rugged scenery is among the best in Wisconsin. Spruce, hemlock and pine also cover the steep cliffs and slopes along with birch and aspen. The run tapers to a pool above the next dam and the takeout is at the highway bridge.

MRC Scenery

Concluding our Canyon trip we also viewed Superior Falls just downstream of the takeout. The falls are truly a sight to see. The river tumbles down the last few miles of gradient and collides in stark contrast with the blue water of Lake Superior.

Superior Falls Lake Superior
Superior Falls looking upstream (left). Superior Falls meeting Lake Superior (right).

For a few more photos and video clips of Superior Falls and other Montreal River falls check out my instagram @hannah_rayj

-Hannah Ray J