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Learn to HELIX by doing exercises in the video!

What is it?

A 270º spin with at least 180° of which the boat must be inverted, aerial at some point. Once done fully aerial it is probably one of the most impressive moves to watch! Same as a flip turn, rhythm in Helix would better be described as ‘hop, skip’ like stone skimming on the water. The timing of the throw is instrumental in releasing the boat into the air. Unlike other moves, it is important to throw the move instantly as you do a main release.

Step by Step

  1. Set up at the top of the wave holding a stern rudder with the leading blade.
  2. Initiate a hop.
  3. While you are in the air from your hop, turn the boat at between 45-90° horizontally using a back sweep stroke, start drop your ear towards the face of the wave to wind up for the motion, but make sure the boat stays flat to the surface of the wave.
  4. As you are about to land on your main bounce aggressively pull up on your downstream knee to initiate the move.
  5. Throw your body under the front of the boat towards the starting position of a sweep roll on the secondary blade.
  6. Do a flowing, wide sweep roll.
  7. Complete the rotation into a front surf by smoothly transitioning your sweep roll into a stern squeeze.

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