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This summer I took a little road trip to Salida, Colorado. The impetus for the trip was to river surf the new Scout Wave 2.0 and catch the boat ramp hole at prime playboating levels. The first few days I arrived, the level for the surf wave was great! The levels for the boat ramp hole were just a tad too high, making the freestyle feature more flushy than I was hoping for.

Surfing the Scout Wave 2.0

By midweek, the levels dropped and the boat ramp came in! I had not been able to playboat since early spring due to low water at my home spot in Charles City, Iowa. I was a little rusty in the Salida hole, but quickly remembered I know how to do this! I revisited tricks I previously practiced and worked on new to me tricks I haven’t spent a lot of time on thus far.

Loops with friends in the Salida boat ramp hole.

Dary throwing a loop.

Don making rotations.

Matt showing how it’s done in the boat ramp hole.

I also got to meet new friends and get reacquainted with old friends. The boat ramp hole remains one of my favorite playboating spots!

Eddy chat’s with new friends, Don and myself pictured here.

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Hannah Ray J