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Orion Core Accessory

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Orion Core Accessory

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Orion Core Accessory

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Orion Core Accessory

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$59.99 - $99.99

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Montreal River Canyon

Winter was good to Northern Wisconsin this season. With spring's arrival, the snow is melting and filling the rivers with great opportunities. On this trip we met up with Brian, from Menasha, WI, to show us the Montreal River Canyon section. The level for our trip was...

5 Camping Hacks for Your Next Adventure

With spring right around the corner, we outdoors enthusiasts—those of us up here in the frigid Northeast, anyway—are eagerly anticipating warmer days. Hiking, fishing, getting away from the noise of everyday life, connecting with nature. Back to basics. One activity...

Kayaking Iowa’s Scenic Driftless Area

Iowa can be summed up to two distinct areas, the Driftless Area and everything else. During the last glacial retreat over 10,000 years ago, glaciers bypassed a small area within 4 different states. Glaciers act like bulldozers carrying soil, cobble, and even car sized...

Downriver Paddling Preparedness in Below Freezing Temperatures

submitted by Christina Kossis  Winter is in full swing here in West Virginia with temperatures averaging below 30 degrees each day. For those that dare to continue kayaking, it is important to be aware of the many hazards involved and be as prepared as possible for...

Summer Recap Pt. 6 – Finale: Tongue River Canyon and HOME!

Continuing our journey towards home we dropped down into Wyoming to find a place to work remotely for a few days. I found a couple of promising boondocking spots not too far off of I-90 near Sheridan, WY. The first spot was alright, but a little too close to town and...

Summer Recap Pt. 5: Alberton Gorge

Finishing up our visit in White Salmon, WA we started making our way towards home. We took a northern route, crossing eastern Washington, the top of Idaho and making our way into Montana. We found another great boon docking spot near Lolo National Forest in western...

A Scenic Float on the Elwah

When I planned a trip to the Olympic Peninsula in early November I expected to be working to find rivers that were not blown out and too high. But it has been a dry fall in the PNW so finding something with enough water and not up a closed road proved to be the...

Summer Recap Pt. 3: Boise, ID

After making our stops in Colorado, we continued our 4500 mile journey west. Next stop: Boise, ID. Departing Fruita, Colorado we made our way towards Salt Lake City, UT. Needing to find cell service for my work day ahead we made it to the glamorous boon docking spot...

Trip to Crystal River and Escape from Tropical Storm Nicole

Trip to Crystal River and Escape from Tropical Storm Nicole! Kristine, Emily and Kathy H. picked me up in Gainesville, Florida, and from there, we travelled to the town of Crystal River, staying at the Plantation Hotel right on Crystal River so we could put in right...

Thanksgiving at the Thompson

Each Canadian Thanksgiving, which takes place the second weekend of October, a group of kayakers meet for a gathering at the Thompson River outside of Lytton BC. The folks gathered come from through BC and Alberta but are connected through one women from Alberta who...



Perfect for a wide variety of applications and storage needs, the Orion cooler is versatile and well-suited to everything from day trips, rafting trips, deep sea fishing, kayak fishing, week long hunts, cottage use. These coolers are laden with features like gear tracks, bottle openers, reinforced corners, tie down points, and a standing pad.  Whether by canoe, truck, motor boat or RV, our coolers are super-portable.




Bring us your spaniels, your corgis and your beagles, your dobermans and more! We’ll give your best pal a comfortable place to ride and provide you an intelligent  piece of equipment that makes traveling together a breeze. Handle and tie-down system offers multiple grab points to carry and move your kennel, and the smartest and safest design for strapping in your companion. Cup holders and recessed storage on top and bomber construction make all our kennels handy workstations, a step stool or an extra seat around the campfire.  No other kennel has thought more about taking care of you and your best friend. Or makes it easier to #BringYourDog.


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