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Orion Coolers

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Orion Cooler Pads

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Orion Core Accessory

Gear Track For Orion Core 25 & 45


Orion Core Accessory

Gear Track For Orion Core 35


Orion Core Accessory

Gear Track For Orion Core 65 & 85


Orion Core Accessory

Orion Cooler STAR Logo Pads

$59.99 - $99.99

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Kayak Camping and Fishing the Okefenokee Swamp | Tips for Success

When I hung up the phone, I could not help but do a little dance. I had just secured a 3 night back country camping permit for my favorite place on earth: the Okefenokee Swamp. My friend Robert Grigg, his son Jacob and I would be paddling nearly 40 miles and camping...

Kayak Camping Dry Load Testing

19 Years Paddling in Uganda

Uganda 2022 - 19 Years and always something to discover! This February marked my 19th year of paddling in Uganda! Though the river has changed much in that time – with two dams built on the amazing and wild first 50 kms of the river after it leaves Lake Victoria,...

A Taste Of Gold And Ice | Ice Fishing

Submitted by Doyle Smith  Although ice fishing probably isn't the first thing on your to-do list once winter shows up, but for my group of friends its the number one thing on our minds. Fishing though the ice can be a blast, those first couple of weeks the temperature...

Paddlers Responsibility: How to deal with Zebra Mussels

Paddlers Responsibility: How to deal with Zebra Mussels Kayak fishing has taken flight, and some would say it is the fastest-growing area of the fishing industry. With the portability, low cost, and overall peace and quiet it brings the paddler, the popularity is easy...

A guide to paddling in Ecuador

A guide to paddling in Ecuador Christina Kossis & Alex Horne Flights and Transport: Flights into Ecuador will bring you to the nation’s capital, Quito. From here, you have two options for transportation to your first or final destination: Taxi - For our trip we...

S9E7 Kayak Fishing The Amazon Pt 2

In this part two of The Kayak Fishing Show with Jim Sammons adventure in the Amazon, we target the Peacock Bass with our flyrods. Estiban and Jim continue the hunt for big fish on this once in a lifetime adventure. Join us for this airing with live commentary. Please...

BIPOC Paddling Skills Day – Greater Seattle Area

On September 18, 2021, the Greater Seattle area paddling community gathered at Lake Sammamish to share our passion for paddle sports with community members. The fun and free paddling skills day was designed to introduce Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) to...

Super Swell Summer 2021

Hurricane weather has dumped lots of rain and produced huge swell off the East Coast this summer and fall. Earlier this month, a magical convergence of two hurricanes and some luck produced some gentle(ish) giant waves off the Maine coast. Coincidentally, Alex Nicks...

Overnight Kayak Trip Preparation Tips



Perfect for a wide variety of applications and storage needs, the Orion cooler is versatile and well-suited to everything from day trips, rafting trips, deep sea fishing, kayak fishing, week long hunts, cottage use. These coolers are laden with features like gear tracks, bottle openers, reinforced corners, tie down points, and a standing pad.  Whether by canoe, truck, motor boat or RV, our coolers are super-portable.




Bring us your spaniels, your corgis and your beagles, your dobermans and more! We’ll give your best pal a comfortable place to ride and provide you an intelligent  piece of equipment that makes traveling together a breeze. Handle and tie-down system offers multiple grab points to carry and move your kennel, and the smartest and safest design for strapping in your companion. Cup holders and recessed storage on top and bomber construction make all our kennels handy workstations, a step stool or an extra seat around the campfire.  No other kennel has thought more about taking care of you and your best friend. Or makes it easier to #BringYourDog.


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