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August 4, 2008

By Jez

Over the past few weeks I have been teaching at Camps, spending a fair bit of time instructing at Falling Creek Camp. Now heres the thing, I guess I am a bit selfish, but the rewards of teaching are some of the best times I have had in a kayak. Seeing a kid nail his roll, with a look of sheer excitement. Awesome!

Over one day, I was fortunate to be a part of 5 kids dialling in their roll. After seeing EJ’s effort of teaching someone how to roll in less than 15 mins, I am happy to say that I have blown that out of the water by getting a kid who has never been in a kayak before to roll by himself in less than 10 mins. Yea, I know that seems ridiculous, especially since it took me over 2 weeks of consistent trial and effort, almost close to 10 years ago to do the same. The entire class came together to cheer for him, which drove the rest to do better and complete their rolls.

What an amazing day! Thanks to Brian for the pics.
While on the river I managed to help out with a pin situation which was an eye opener and had an awesome premier of our film at Diamond Brand Outfitters. Let me say that this is the place to pick up your outdoor gear, they not only know about their gear but their Asheville store have some big time paddlers working there who are able to throw you some good pointers. The premier was amazing, with over 70 people in attendance, free pizza and a huge sale on their gear, nice. Some great give aways were raffled out by Diamond Brand including a Sweet Helmet, a paddle, some Mountain Khaki pants thanks to MK and the night even raised some cash for AW, now that’s good karma right there.

I’ve had some great times out on the water with different classes and groups, teaching and instructing in the amazing Blue Ridge Mountains, even got to paddle a bit at the Whitewater Park in Charlotte, had an awesome movie premier, and some great times in the sun over the past few weeks. What can I say but my round the world paddling trip is off to an epic start. Next stop, Prague.

Jackson Kayak Coordinator of Karma


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