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August 6, 2007

Hi mate,
Just writing to say, I got the original allstar at the end of last year.
It took me a day to gtet used to it but after that I found it to be the best boat that I had ever paddled and, at the time, the best boat I would ever
paddle. It let me loop huge, cartwheel more fluidly and faster, it was

This was all until last week when something terible happened. I demoed the
07 allstar and fell in love again. The new shape makes it so much easier to
floop, and so much more responsive as well. Luckily I have managed to track
down one that has not been sold on the latest shipment from you guys to the
UK that hasn’t been sold and I quickly bought it as soon as I had found it.
Can’t wait until it arrive on my door step at the end of next week.

Thanks a million

Matt Parker

P.S. plz stop makeing such amazing boats, its forcing me to go out and buy