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August 12, 2007

It is great to see everyone at Outdoor Retailer and great to see some new gear, new kayaks, and new friends! Liquid Logic and Wavesport, and Pyranha have some new stuff coming out. Photos will be available to everyone soon, I am sure. Jackson Kayak doesn’t do trade shows like OR simply because this venue is to try to convince dealers to carry your product and this isn’t one of Jackson Kayak’s challenges. Our focus is on building the best boats and making sure you, the paddler, has access to them and know about them through our team, schools, and dealers.

Our new 2007 Line-up of Whitewater Kayaks (New Funs, New Stars, and New Rockers) are doing exactly what we hoped they would do for our paddling, and yours. I am super excited that we have our new models in production and now in stock for the first time! Those of you who didn’t get one yet, can finally get one from your dealer, and if they don’t have the color you want, we can get that color out right away to them! You can rest assured that our 2008 Rockers, Stars, and Funs will be out of the same molds as the current ones.

It is time to re-design the Hero Series, however, so look forward to hearing (and seeing) more soon!

I am excited about the upcoming 2008 season as well and look forward to getting everyone clued into what Jackson Kayak will be doing soon!

In the meantime, Have Fun, be a Star, and let us Rocker your World!