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November 4, 2004

Emily could do a plowing ender in her 2 Fun this Spring,
then go a few cartwheels from time to time, but now, she has an incredibly
steep learning curve in the Star! The first couple of times she paddled
the Star she could get the bow down, but she fell on her head every time.
Yesterday, she was linking a dozen ends at a time, fast, and could clean
the stern often, and I even witnessed her first super clean cartwheel
in flatwater! Her Bow Stall, and cartwheels are incredible now. She still
leans back on her stern from time to time, but that is quickly going away
too. The Star is a perfect boat for her size and she will quickly surpass
any women who haven’t been paddling a boat properly sized for them.
At 115 pounds, she can’t exactly paddle an All-Star well, while
the Star is well within her weight range. She is still afraid of the meat
of the hole at Rock Island, so she isn’t learning any new moves
at home on the whitewater. Her new flatwater skills will go far though!