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March 7, 2005

Today is a birthday, Christmas type of a day all in
one! A brand new kayak is something that will put a smile on anybody who
is a kayaker for a long time! I was so excited to get my new 2005 Blue
All-Star and Clay couldn’t stop smiling at his new 2005 Red All-Star.
I may have had more new kayaks than anybody in history, or maybe not,
I am not really sure, but I have had a lot! Clay has been paddling an
All-Star "proto" that is one of the first boats out of the mold
before we got the mold dialed in. I had my Worlds boat, but want to retire
it and keep it as a momento.

We took our boats to Brave Wave this afternoon and,
MAN, we had our best rides in a long time there! We went higher, faster,
and longer than ever before! Is it the boat? Is it the excitement of a
new boat? It is both, I’m sure! Who cares- it was a great day at Brave
Wave where Clay and I outlasted all of the young paddlers out there who
all left before we were done. It was just Emily, Clay, and I at the end
and what a great day of paddling!

Helix, Air Screws, McNasties, Big Aerial backstabs,
Pan Ams, Big air blunts, and some awesome front surfing! Yes, Front surfing
is unreal when you really go for a great front surf!

Well, I just thought you might be interested in our
new boats!

They are demos, but who cares!

🙂 EJ



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Yes we are really happy

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Our new Boats

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Emily can we go boating now