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April 5, 2005

Dear Eric,

I recently purchased an All Star, and wanted to let
you know the dramatic effect it’s had on my boating already.

You know that feeling when you accomplish something
that you’ve been working hard at for a while. Multiply that feeling
by ten, and that’s how I felt a few days ago at the Upper Salt River,
AZ. I was floating down in front of a few duckies, rafters, and of course
fellow kayakers. I saw a wave train and thought, “Why not”
(the why not because I didn’t really want to screw up and look dorky
in front of a bunch of other people) and decided to go for a wave wheel.
I had never successfully completed a full wave wheel before and was really
relaxed about going for this one. I pulled the front end up a little bit,
put hardly any effort at all on the next part of the double pump and found
myself easing effortlessly into a bow stall. As I came up to the next
peak I barely turned my torso and went into a perfect stern stall. Flattened
out right side up, and felt a sense of accomplishment that I couldn’t
even begin to explain.

That was just absolute icing on the cake; because,
earlier that day, I did something that I was wondering if I would ever
get. I was sitting in a wave at a rapid called Eagle’s Nest (a k
a Overboard) on the same river, and I really wanted to try a loop. I learned
to loop in wave pools, but rivers are, obviously, completely different.
Anyways, I pushed the bow down hard came up thrust forward, leaned back
and came right side up still in the wave happier than I have ever been.

As I ended the day getting sooo close to my first cartwheel
in a wave at the take out, I was extremely happy that I decided to buy
the All Star. It is pushing my learning curve to its full potential and
couldn’t have possibly made a better decision. The All Star is THE
playboat and after trying out the other hot playboats of the year, none
of them even held a candle to the All Star.

Thank you EJ for making an absolutely incredible boat!


Michael Fisher