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2006 Jackson Kayak pricing starts today!!

October 6, 2005

Good news if you are ready to buy a Jackson Kayak!
New prices are effective today. This is news to your dealer as well as
to you. While I let your dealer know in an email, you may have to remind

Prices are as follows:

Fun 1: $695 ($100 less than 2005

Fun 1.5: $795 ($100 less than
2005 prices)

2 Fun, Fun, 4 Fun, Super Fun: $849 ($50
less than 2005 prices)

Star, All-Star, Super Star: $895 ($100
less than 2005 prices)

Rocker, Hero, Super Hero: $995 (same as 2005 prices,
no way I can reduce them)

All boats in stock at your Jackson Kayak are now officially
priced at these new prices.

🙂 EJ