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September 7, 2005

EJ, congratulations on your success in the North American
Cup. I am impressed after seeing your photos of your rib cage. It looked
like Aliens, I was waiting for a creature to explode out of you kidney.

Hey, just wanted to write and send you a photo to let
you know how much I dug the All Star. Nice work. That boat was the ultimate
Colorado park and play machine. I was worried that for the amount I paddle
my playboating was plateauing at age 31. Not so. This summer was totally
fun for me, my 12th year of paddling and even with two little kids and
90% of my days coming at the two Salida holes I had a blast. The All Star
just goes so big with the happy thruster, ridiculous. Everything that
I did before was better in your boat and I dialed in new moves all summer.
We are in the thick of mountain biking season now, but here is a shot
of the All Star in the lower hole in Salida at the end of the season (700cfs).
Have a good winter.

Mike Harvey




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