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September 11, 2005

It is no secret that I love paddling, training, and
competing with
Jay Kincaid. He wrecked havoc on my 2003 and 2004 seasons, beating me
often than not, and I love him for that. I am very lucky to be able to
share the challenges and successes of Jackson Kayak with one of my favorite
paddlers and friends. Jay will come to visit next week at the Gauley
River and we’ll be goofing off all day, everyday, with the rest of Team
and all of the other fun folks on the river, including my partner and
friend, Tony.

Check out Jay’s
page on the Team JK section
of this website. Watch for stories by
Jay as well as he contributes from time to time. Like all members of Team
JK, Jay is a super approachable, friendly, fun to paddle with person,
no matter what your skill level is. Try him out the next time you see
him on the river by asking him a technique question or something, he always
has time for you too.

EJ 🙂




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