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November 9, 2005

David Knight, John Ratliff, Don, Jase, Brad, Mark,
Adam, Tom, Goat, John Dean, Clay, Stephen, and I have all been working
our butts off to make our 2006 boats outfitted like none before them,
and WHEW, done! (well, still have some molds to get cast, cooling jackets,
etc. but the design and prototypes are done.

What is it all about? Well, I am going to have to test
this to be sure it will work, but I am going to drive my Landcruiser up
over one of my 2006 "Bomb Shelter" outfitted boats and get photos.
I am not sure if it will hold the truck without folding or not, but if
it doesn’t, none will!


1. New seat from the ground up. It is a HDPE molded
seat with aluminum mold that has a water cooled jacket to "set"
the seat perfectly at the designed shape. The seat comes in three sizes
so that every kayaker is in the right size seat. There are two brackets
that triangulate between the sidewall of the kayak the deck and the seat.
This is also the track that the seat slides on. Simply loosen the thumbscrew
and slide the seat (no holes to hit or screws to take out, no tools needed!)

Composite Beam is attached to the seat as well, so no movement in either
the seat or composite beam.

2. New- "Sweet Cheeks" seat pad. THIS IS
AWESOME! It is a bean bag like the Happy Feet, but it is a seat pad. Mold
your rear end into the seat pad and you have a PERFECT fit that keeps
you from sliding around, having pressure points, or getting uncomfortable.
It comes standard and will be for sale aftermarket too for about $60.
Super easy to use, and you will never paddle without one again.

3. Extruded U-Channel vertical supports (bow and stern)
that, in combination with the new seat, make the boat stiff as a board!
So stiff it isn’t funny, making it obvious where the name "boat armor"
outfitting comes from. The composite beam is also attached to the U-Channel
in both the bow and stern completing the armor package. No side to side
movement, no up and down movement, no "packing out".

4. Vertical water bottle holder in U-channel for easy
access, using two bungees.

5. New rope that "locks in" to jam cleat
first time everytime making it even easier to adjust your bulkhead or
backband in one motion.

6. We are moving plastic around a little in the hulls,
tweaking the placement of each spot with tight QC standards to make the
best hulls out there.

This is a "scoop" on boatertalk. I have been
keeping this under my hat until today! Look for the first boats to ship
in late November, early December!

Boat Armor Outfitting will set a new standard in 2006!

EJ 🙂