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Chris Brigman of Chattanooga becomes a
member of Team Jackson
Kayak’s Regional team!

December 22, 2005

Chris can be found creeking on the Cumberland Plateau,
playing on the Ocoee, or at Rock Island, when he is not putting kayakers
in Jackson Kayak boats at Rock Creek Outfitters. A dedicated kayaker,
with a passion for both creeking and playing, Chris will make a great
representative for Jackson Kayak in the Chattanooga area, which covers,
the Ocoee, Northern Alabama, Middle Tennessee, and Northern Georgia. Here
are his stats:

Also note that the same day he became a member of our
team, he was quoted in the Tennessean
on Jackson Kayak.

Hey Eric,
I’m stoked to be on the team. Looking forward to representing you guys.

Here is some info for the website.
Birth Date: 09-11-1974
Age: 31
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 170
Hometown: Chattanooga
What I do when I’m not kayaking: Work full-time at Rock Creek Down Under,
Road Bike, attend UTC.

Paddling Objective: To paddle bigger, better, and harder

Sponsorship Objective: To introduce new and old boaters
to the quality and
style of Jackson Kayak and to help give Jackson Kayak a face in the
Chattanooga scene.

Chris Brigman