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December 15, 2005


You were right. I went up to Sacramento to demo the
Rocker and it was everything I was looking for. I am just getting into
creeking, so I wanted a boat that was forgiving and comfortable. I took
the Rocker up to the South fork of the American river on a high flow day
(it peaked at 3000cfs) and the boat handled like a charm. I stayed upright
through large hay stacks and punched through every hole with ease. When
I did flip, the boat was easy to roll. I should note that I was in a new
boat on a river I had never paddled, so needless to say I was very nervous
for the first few rapids. However, the outfitting preformed great and
it was effortless to get the boat dialed in. The rocker even surfed well,
although it’s a strange sensation.

Before I close, I wanted you to know that the the people
over at California Canoe and Kayak were great to work with. Not only did
they allow me to demo the Rocker, my sales rep guided me down the American,
in 40 degree temperatures, in December. Now that’s customer service. You
might also like to know that there are 3 times more Jackson boats in their
show room then any other manufacturer. These guys love JK.

Thanks for taking the time to answer my emails. It means
a lot.

Merry Christmas to you and your family

Evan Lloyd